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Subject:Weight loss reviews
Time:09:13 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
I just stumbled across this review site. The Lipo 6 reviews I read on this page is actually really good, better than the ones I use to read. I like reading reviews about weight loss products because I have struggled with weight problems for years and there is actually some very good tips in reviews.

Here's the site, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
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Time:06:52 pm
Current Mood:lonelylonely

hi im new here but i have been on and off with my weight for ages i diet alot and fast somnetimes i purge binge but the thing that is stopping me is mainly my mum, she is such a control freek she wants it all her way. sometimes i wish i had somewhere to go to get away from her!!

im scared to stand on the scale so i dnt i know im fat so i dont need to tell me do i !!!

any one want to be friends oh yeah im 16 f from uk :D xxx

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Time:11:26 pm
Hi !
I'm not a new member to this community, but I haven't introduced my self yet, and just felt like doing it. 'Cause I could really use some help to reach my GW, so I would appreciate it if you guys could help me out.

Well, lets get to it :)

Height: 5'6
HW: 136lbs
CW: 125lbs
LW: 119lbs
GW1: 110lbs
GW2: Two digits (:
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Time:05:43 pm
Current Mood:hopefulhopeful
im new here so i thought i'd introduce myself. im not very good at this but here goes
im 16 and ive been anorexic for 3 years and now im slowly recovering (kinda). i also have depression but i'm not anti-depressants for that which are helping :)
anyways heres my stats:
height - 5 foot 3
current weight - 98 pounds
lowest weight - 82 pounds
highest weight - 115 pounds
goal weight - 90 pounds
wish me luck!!
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Time:07:41 pm
Im new here and always looking for new friends! :)

This is an excerpt from an article. I have cross posted it, I hope that that is allowed...


Dehydration increases body fat! Every thing we eat our body tries to convert to glucose, it is the only fuel for our brain. Water contributes to energy storage along with glycogen. The more dehydrated you are, the more glucose remains in your bloodstream and will be stored as FAT. When your body is dehydrated it pulls water from the cells to hydrate the body. This includes your FAT cells. When your Fat cells are dehydrated your body will not use that fat for energy, instead it will use whatever fuel is readily available in the body.

So if you put in hours at the gym and aren't seeing much of a change it could be that your actually really dehydrated and no amount of activity will allow your body to use its excess fat for energy.

Not only that, but it is our kidneys job to filter toxins, waste, water and salt out of the blood stream and our livers duty to metabolize stored fat into energy. The liver however, CAN NOT WORK if the kidneys are not functioning properly. The liver must work harder and thus, metabolizes less fat.

It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day. This is not enough water at all. We need water to function properly and if you're not peeing clearly and guzzlin the stuff throughout the day than you need to be drinking more.

To read the whole article and more problems that arise with dehydration, go to www.effortlesshealth.net!
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Time:07:57 pm

I took some pics of me..i think my thighs are fat and my stomach has gotten...bigger like love handles or whatever...take a look...tell me what u think
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Current Location:uk
Subject:light as a feather
Time:11:01 pm
Current Mood:gigglygiggly
 um hi im 21 gemini i cw 110 im 5ft 10 i feel fat like it will never be enough! but i have lost 19 pounds in 2 weeks! yey!  and i cant stop giggling!lol im on anti-deppressents and they made me lose 19 pounds like they make me have no huger at all! yey!
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Time:12:12 pm

I HATE my thighs! They are absolutly huge compared to the rest of my body!

CW: 95
HW: 107
LW: 91
Height: 5'4
Waist: 23 inch
Hips: 29.5 inch
Thighs: 19 inch

19 INCHES!!!!!!!!!! 

What are your stats compared to your thighs? 

I am soooo fat

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Time:11:52 am
Current Mood:blankblank
this is my first time here. I live in the U.S. I've had as everyone else puts it "eating issues" sinse I was 13. Here are my stats;
Height- 5'5
CW- 105
GW- 100
HW- 117
LW- 98
I'll be posting pics of myself on here soon so that you can tell me which parts of me you think I should work on the most, i love having other peoples opinions on my body.
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Subject:Hi everyone
Time:02:14 am
Current Mood:happyhappy

I am new here, so this is my first post.
I'm 21 years old and living in Germany but since english has always been my favorite subject in school I hope I don't make many mistakes :)

Well... My height is 5*3 and currently I weight 139 lbs. I'm soooo happy I lost 17.6 lbs in the last week! I'm so proud of myself.
I could resist an icecream today and a larger meal :)

My wishing-weight is currently set at 110lbs and I hope to reach it as fast as possible

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Time:10:52 pm
I'm 15 I'm 5.5 120+ i don't really weigh myself much because I only get more depressed. All I know is I'm getting out of control with my binging. I really wanna lose about 10 or more pounds not extreme but I'm sick of being stuffed into my clothes and not being confortable when hanging out with my friends and ect. I hate being this way and I want to know what it's like to have healthy relationship with food. I want to be able to have a meal and be able to stop when i'm full instead of going till it's almost hard to breathe. My family (who is mostly overweight) isn't behind me AT ALL on my want to get into control but I can do it.
cw: 120-130
hw: 140
gw: 110
gw2: 105
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Time:12:36 am
Hey there. I'm new here, previously been on xanga alot. Then sher_ashley recommended lj to me :)

Anyway, my stats (reluctantly typing this as I feel superbly embarrassed) :

HW : 153
LW : 106
CW : 152
GW : 120
UGW : 100

I used to restrict a lot, but now I have binge-eating disorder.

I'm focusing on eating anything I want now, but NOT bingeing. (together with sher_ashley)

Have a great day

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Time:12:21 am
just quickly promothing my tshirts ... social commentary you might enjoy wearing! thanks

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Subject:Heads up crew!
Time:12:22 pm
I know people have been screwed out of money and diet pills right here in this community by other members of this community, which is pretty sad.

But I'd like to just make this warning to you all to be very careful if you do indeed send keen_girl any kind of money. Something just doesn't seem "right" about her post. She too posted the same exact thing over in _dietpills_: http://community.livejournal.com/_dietpills_/1268364.html

I called her out on it and so far it smells a bit fishy to me!!!

If she should happen to delete that post, then I have it saved here:
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Subject:11.5 kgs (23.5 lbs) in 5 weeks
Time:05:29 pm

Hi all! 

Who wants to be slim and healthy like me!!! I did it, girls!!!

If you want to get the most effective diet ever, you can mail me here a7ok@rambler.ru (send me letter where you should write your # of accout in order I could make sure of transferring). I send you this fantastic diet after you transfer me only 2.5$ to WM Z469504700990. The reason why I ask you to send me money (2.5$) is that in my country (I live in CIS) internet cost is very expensive and in addition my 1-year daughter is very ill now and I have to sit at home to take care of her. I am temporarily unemployed and I am divorced. Frankly, I started this diet because I wanted to recover from deep slump after divorce. I was eating so much junk food during my depression. Thanks to this diet I almost returned to my  perfect weight of 50 kg (102 lbs)!!! If you only see me 5 weeks ago! – it was awful! And the most attractive thing of the diet is that it is useful for woman health! This diet gave me second  life!!!

I have lost (and keep losing) 11.5 kgs (23.5 lbs) in 5 weeks!

Thank you in advance!!!

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