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LJ's First Community To Merge Both Pro And Anti Health/ED Members!

Pro/Anti: Health☆EDnos★ED☆Ana★Mia☆Overeater★Binger
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Body_Analysis was created for people to share their body statistics. (Name, age, height, current weight, goal weight, weight loss goals, measurements, etc). Other members, hopefully will then be able to critique and/or analyze your body. Please be considerate of your comments. If you have nothing nice to say, then please don't say anything at all. Remember, we are here to help, NOT to judge. If you are hesistant to provide statistics, that is okay, too.

Aside from providing statistics, this community can also serve as a weight-loss journal, food blog, ED [Eating Disorder] progression journal, rant-journal, and advice column, in which contributors may offer advice and/or support for ANY type of eating disorder, food issue, weight issue, diet issue, self-esteem issue, etc.

Although a risky call, Body_Analysis is the FIRST community to combine BOTH Pro and Anti Health/ED members. And BECAUSE it is an open community, it is recommended that you state in the subject title what position you hold in attempt to suppress conflicts. (Whether you're Pro-Health/Anti-ED or Anti-Health/Pro-ED). Note that you certainly DO NOT have to have an ED to join, either. All in all, EVERYONE is welcomed to join! Only members are allowed to post.

Additional rules are as follows:
1. Although you will not be penalized for this, please refrain from posting "Friends Only" and/or "Private" posts. We are an OPEN community.
2. Foul language IS allowed, as long as it is not directed to ANOTHER MEMBER.
3. Pictures are always welcomed. For those over 18, nudity IS allowed, provided it is behind a LINK (Or LJ-Cut) and gives a fair warning to minors. Otherwise, such images WILL be removed.
4. Advertising of another LJ community is prohibited. URL's outside of LJ, however, are allowed.
5. All rules and regulations are SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please refer back to them periodically.
6. The Administrator does NOT read every post. If there is a problem, please contact

Thank you for your cooperation.
<33 Quencherita: Body Analysis Administrator.

Community Founded July 1st, 2004.

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